Adam Sandler Creates 2020 Version of 50 FIRST DATES Video For Drew Barrymore's New Talk Show

If you are familiar with the wonderful rom-com 50 First Dates, starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, you may remember that Sandler’s character, Henry, makes a video for Barrymore’s character, Lucy. In the video, he explains to her that she has a memory loss condition that causes her to lose her short-term memory each day, and brings her up to speed on current events, as well as how much he loves her.

Sandler has recreated that video for Barrymore to show on her new daytime talk series, The Drew Barrymore Show, and it is just as cute as you can imagine. These two friends have made great movies together, and have great chemistry and love for one another that really shines through on the screen. It’s also hilarious because as he describes this insane year to her, she says, “It sounds like you’re making this up,” which is what anyone would say about 2020 if we tried to explain it them!

Check it out below, and enjoy!

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