Best iPhone SE cases and iPhone 8 cases 2020: Protect your Touch ID iPhone

The Apple iPhone SE and iPhone 8 are the manufacturer’s smallest phones (as well as its cheapest), and are favourites for those who don’t want quite such a large device in their pocket or bag. The phones are both perfectly powerful, too, especially the newer SE, which brings in some powerful hardware to the same form factor.

These phones might not be quite as exciting in terms of design as the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, but they stick to a design Apple users know and love. As we all know though, no matter what smartphone you have, keeping the wonderful designs looking pristine requires some level of protection.

Luckily, especially in the case of Apple devices, there are already plenty of options out there for protecting your new phone. We have rounded up some of the best iPhone SE and 8 cases we have found so far, but we will add to this feature whenever we come across more. The best part is that because the phones are identical in terms of dimensions, a case that fits one will fit the other, too. 

The best iPhone SE (2020) cases (that also fit the iPhone 8)

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