My Thoughts on My Custom Eldritch Foundry Mini

Well, it finally came. Eldritch Foundry was kind enough to give me a free custom miniature. You can read about my experience designing it elsewhere, but I recently received the mini (took roughly 3-4 weeks) and as promised, here’s my follow-up.

First, I was surprised that the miniature came in black. I was expecting it to be a gray, but this is not a big deal in the slightest. I was also surprised by how sparkly the mini was. Once again, not a dealbreaker, just a surprise. The mini came in a very nice tin for storage. The tin had some foam padding to keep everything safe and was definitely a plus.

The miniature itself is good quality. My character’s ax is a little bent, but that’s not entirely unexpected considering how thin it is. It’s also really easy to fix. That being said, I really like it. It’s just as I designed and is a solid mini. I would say that I’m very happy with this experience. Between the easy-to-use interface and the good quality miniature that I received, I’d recommend them. Especially as they add more options and content (my number one complaint) for you to use.

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