Raunchy Trailer For Anna Kendrick's Sex Doll Comedy DUMMY

Quibi has released a new NSFW trailer for Anna Kendrick’s strange and raunchy upcoming comedy Dummy. In the film, Kendrick plays a woman who discovers her boyfriend has a sex doll. This sex doll talks to her, and the two become friends.

Quibi must be having problems with trying to get people to watch this movie and get people to sign up for their service because this new trailer comes three months after the ten-segment project was released! I have a feeling that Quibi isn’t going to last very long. I personally don’t know any one who is subscribed to it.

Kendrick is joined by Meredith Hagner as Barbara the sex doll, Donal LoguePedro Lopez, and Adam Shapiro. Here’s the synopsis for the movie.

Dummy is a buddy comedy that follows the story of an aspiring writer Cody (Anna Kendrick) and her boyfriend’s sex doll Barbara (Meredith Hagner). Barbara is an inanimate sex doll but the self-proclaimed feminist is spoiled, jealous and manipulative and will do whatever it takes to get her way. After she is discarded by her previous owner, she convinces Cody to take her home and help with her writer’s block.

If you’re a Quibi subscriber and you’ve seen this movie, what did you think? Is it worth it?

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