Show Your Love of Cats in DUNGEONS & DRAGONS with the PURRFECT PAIRING Bundle of Supplements

Some people love cats. Now, you can take your love of cats to Dungeons & Dragons with the Circle of Catnip subclass for Druids from Jessica Marcrum. This subclass is all about transforming into cats and cultivating catnip. It’s a fun little subclass that many fans will definitely enjoy.

Catnip and Sunshine A love of nature is intrinsic to any druid, but druids joining the Circle of Catnip love very particular aspects of nature. Namely, sunshine, the ability to transform and commune with great feline creatures, and the cultivation of catnip itself. A Catnip Druid is likely to be found basking for hours in the sunlight, only to suddenly sprint off to a random location with their claws drawn.

Since Druids can use Wild Shape to turn into animals and the subclass is all about cats, there’s an additional supplement called Big Book of Cats. This second supplement features 40 new felines for you to add to your repertoire.

CATS Lions and Tigers and Catbears, oh my! Practical cats, dramatical cats Pragmactical cats, fanatical cats Allegorical cats, metaphorical cats Statistical cats and mystical cats From the tiny sand cat to the massive cath palug, the Big Book of Cats contains 40 new felines plus several old friends to delight and devour you! It’s the purrfect supplement for any table looking to evade danger by a whisker or just have a good time kitten around.

You can pick up the supplements on their own if you prefer, or as part of the Purrfect Pairing bundle on DMs Guild. The bundle saves you about $2 and costs $4.99.

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