This Amazon Fire HD 8 2020 tablet discount is too good to be missed

Amazon has only just released the 2020 Amazon Fire HD 8 and it’s already getting itself a $30 discount in the Amazon summer sales. It’s a great opportunity to snap up this affordable tablet at a great price.


The Fire HD 8 was redesigned for 2020, giving a more modern look to Amazon’s mid-sized tablet. There’s also been an update to the connectivity, with a USB Type-C included for charging.

Elsewhere, the Amazon Fire HD 8 offers a great size of display for portability, ideal for loading with movies and taking on your travels, or accessing all that Amazon content through your Prime subscription.

It offers great Dolby Atmos sound, has enough power to give you access to plenty of entertainment, as well as a battery that will last you around 12 hours.

The Amazon Fire HD 8 is only listed as being on sale for one day, so you’ll have to move fast to save yourself $30 and get this tablet for $59.99.

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